What is Windows Hello? How does it work?

What is Windows Hello

With the passage of time the IT Industry flourished and made significant changes and developments. One of such incredible progress made by the IT Gaint, Microsoft. That growth was a part of continuous up gradation of the previous versions of Windows Operating System, and they came out with their latest Windows Operating System, Windows 10 which released on July 29th, 2015. As one of the unique features which newly introduced in Windows 10, one was WINDOWS HELLO.

Let us now have a look at what Windows Hello is and why it is so unique……!!!!!

What is Windows Hello?

Windows Hello announced on March 17, 2020, through a Microsoft blog. In that blog, Windows Hello announced with the sentence:

“Today we’ve got another cool new ‘Personal Computing’ feature to announce for Windows 10.”

With the announcement of Windows Hello, the computing became more personal as for a PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Smartphone as, now YOU are its password, not the standard password that you used to set for your devices earlier. You can login to your machine just by showing your face, or touching your finger, to new devices running on Windows 10 OS.

Windows Hello enables to authenticate applications, enterprise content, and even specific online experiences without a passcode being stored on a device or in the network server at all.How to earn money from Facebook

How does it work?

Windows Hello uses Biometric Authentication using face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices. This technology is much safer than the traditional technique in which you have to type the passwords which were an arrangement of letters, numbers or some special characters like ‘@’ or ‘_.’

The problem with the traditional passwords was that they could easily be hacked or forgotten. There was also the issue that they can be written down or pinned to a bulletin board by the person who is sitting beside you.

As per the blog of Microsoft, “If a device already has a fingerprint reader, then you’ll be able to use.

Windows Hello to unlock that device.
For facial or iris detection, Windows Hello uses a combination of specialized hardware & software to correctly verify that it is you – ” not a picture of you or someone trying to impersonate you.”

It means that if there is Fingerprint scanner in your devices (which are having Windows OS) like most of the new mobiles are coming with a fingerprint scanner, you will be able to use Windows Hello to unlock those devices efficiently and within a fraction of seconds.

In case of the facial or iris detection unlocking, there is are specialized hardware and software by the Microsoft through which you can unlock your device.Spam Email How To Identify? Solution

Now, you would be thinking that anyone can unlock your device using the facial and iris detection unlocking…! Right..?

Don’t worry Microsoft engineers have worked on this too. The camera present on your Windows Operating devices uses the Infrared Technology to unlock your device using your face, iris, or fingerprint. Which means whatever may be the lighting conditions, even in low lighting condition, the Windows Hello will work on your device, and you can quickly unlock your device without any hassles.

Microsoft has kept care of its users as Windows Hello, along with being convenient and straightforward has high standards of security and privacy. It offers enterprise-grade protection that will meet the requirements of organizations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations. It’s a solution that government, defense, financial, healthcare and other related agencies will use to enhance their overall security.

Hardware specification:

Microsoft has indicated that Windows Hello requires a specialized hardware, including the fingerprint reader, an illuminated Infrared sensor (IR Sensor) or other biometric sensors. However, the latest devices with Windows 10 OS have this hardware as standard.


Windows Hello linked to the existing Microsoft Passport service. Microsoft Passport is a Standard Login Program that uses a username and password. It can see as the predecessor of the all-new Windows Hello. The user can be recognized by the Windows device using his/her external characteristics. Tools such as a Smartphone or Tablet use the selfie or front camera to view the user. If the physical characteristics match to one whose identity stored in the device, the user-welcomed with the text “Hello XXXXXXX,” and the device gets unlockedcryptocurrency to Invest top 10

So simple no..!!

All these characteristics of Windows Hello make it so simple and user-friendly…!!

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