Whatsapp’s New Payment Feature? Whatsapp Pay

Whatsapp’s New Payment Feature?

Whatsapp Pay

The land of diversity, “India” consists of the maximum users of the social chat application Whatsapp compared to any other nation in the world, the financial times mention about the number of Indians that are already putting the application to use as a digital marketplace. Although WhatsApp and Facebook have always had issues with the Indian officials about the data-sharing activities in the past, this upcoming feature will work by adopting the Indian government’s Unified Payments Service (UPI) which came into the picture the previous year when the “Digital India” initiative launched.

The main head-office of Whatsapp states that “India is an important country for WhatsApp “and they’re working on better features for the Indian users by how they can contribute the maximum to the Digital India vision.

They are researching on how they might tie-up and work with other organizations that share this vision and can bring out the differences and by contributing to encourage “Digital India. In the recent news, WhatsApp is trying to find a Digital Transactions Lead firm in the country that will be located at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters and can work by India’s Aadhaar digital ID service and help the nation to grow in the digitalization by developing the future payment platform for the country.

With further details about the new update to prevail, we come to know to know that WhatsApp is introducing this conscious in-chat payments feature, calls Whatsapp Pay that promises to make it easy for the customer to make payment transactions without much effort.

There are chances that Whatsapp Pay feature could prove to be the biggest threat to the leading organizations, dealing with the online payment gateways in the Indian sub-continent, where digitalization has taken the up-front.

The first time that WhatsApp is introducing the Whatsapp Pay feature anywhere in the world happens to be in this country, shows how much of a user-interface it shares with the chat application.

This new Whatsapp Pay feature is said to be in its final stages, and WhatsApp employees are testing it out, according to a person who has closely worked with the developing team of this new feature.

They are having thoughts on probably doing a trial version of an extended beta program for the feature in November, and by December they said “you could expect a fully equipped application rollout of the new update,” is what the sources said on the payment feature.

The Facebook-owned company has partnered with three banks – State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, three of India’s biggest banks, to launch the feature and work by it for the transactions.

The best part about using the Whatsapp Pay feature is that a user can make payments without leaving the chat interface just like sharing a contact or location on the instant messenger, by merely transferring the funds with a two-three simple step like sending an attached file to the respective receiver.

According to the person mentioned earlier, who has worked closely with Whatsapp Pay, a window with Rupee symbol will pop up alongside buttons that allow users to share their location or contact when the user clicks on the attached logo in the chat window.

On clicking the Rupee button, the user can either send or receive money. The user can insert the amount to be paid and personal identification number before hitting send to the receiver. On the other side, the receiver will get a notification, equivalent to the one when you receive a contact. The receiver will have the choice to either accept or reject the request.

WhatsApp is targeting India, its biggest market for all the right reasons regarding the recent developments in the digital scenes of the country.

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