Why My website Suspended

Why Is My website Suspended? How To Fix?

this account has been suspended

If you have a website, then there might be chances that once in your life you’ve got this message,”THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED.” then there’s a question:- Why My website Suspended No matter if you just drank a whole big cup of coffee or not, after reading this you’ll not need caffeine at all, this message is enough to wake you up from your sleep.

Why My website Suspended

If you’ve faced this situation, then you know very well what to do, but if you have not then who knows it would happen to you(we wish you will not face this situation).

But if you follow these steps then you can get rid of this situation called Why My website Suspended.

Step 1-Find out the reason:-

There are many reasons because of which cause Why My website Suspended.

1- Delay in payment

  • There might be chances that you’ve not paid for web hosting.Web hosting companies are assiduous in avoiding payment issues as they send an email before the due date.
  • Websites which are suspended because of hacking and Terms of service violations may be hard to break. In case of a suspension because of piracy, you have to clean up the exploit and upload a clean copy of your website.
  • Depending on their seriousness, some suspensions due to TOS violations can be fixed. Sometimes the mail sent by Web Hosting companies may not reach their addresses due to highly developed spam filters or changes in the email address, and other such reasons.
  • To get your site back up and working, contact your web host or log in to your web host account. Confirm your payment options and make a payment.

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2.Performance of Server

  • If you are on shared web hosting, and your site is slowing down the performance of other websites, there are chances that your account may be suspended by your hosting provider.
  • Your web host has probably sent you an email describing the problem with recommendations for how to solve the issue.
  • Web hosting plans have limits on usage; you will want to review the limits of your policy.
  • There are many other reasons your site might be using more server resources like if you implemented any new application on your website or not,etc..

Talk with your web host about options; you might need to change to a different web hosting plan or a different web host.

3.Hacked account

  • Other than delayed payment and resource usage, there is another reason because of which your website may be suspended which is hacking.
  • It is one of the common reason why hosting accounts get suspended.
  • If your hosting provider identifies illegal activities or activities not constant with their TOS, they’ll suspend your account. Depending on the extremity of the issue, you may not receive any notification of the suspension.

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4.Violation of policy

  • Your account will be suspended if you have not complied with the policies of the web host.
  • Your account may have been picked out for spam or a copyright violation or any other policy.
  • Contact your web host for more details, and get a better understanding of the policy.


Why My website Suspended

Whenever you see this message on the website, the first thing you should do is to check your emails to see if you have received any notification from your hosting provider. Follow the instructions given in those emails or contact your hosting provider for further explanation on the matter.

It is essential to keep in mind that maybe it’s not your holding company’s fault.Also, if you break their TOS, they will not .twice to suspend your account, even without initial notification, so make sure you’re clear about what you’re allowed to host on your account.

Depending on the potential issue, the problem can be more manageable or may be harder to fix. If it’s a payment issue, submitting your payment will fix your problem rapidlyWhy My website Suspended.

If your account were suspended because of the resource abuse, you would be given the option to upgrade the account or tone down the overuse of resources.


No matter what is the reason behind the suspension, it can be very frustrating and can be controlled by getting in touch with your hosting provider ASAP.

After finding the reason, quickly take action to resolve the issue.

Take the necessary precautions to update the contacts and the billing information and always comply with the TOS of your hosting provider to avoid this situation.



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