Vivo xplay 7, 10gb ram mobile phone?

10gb ram mobile phone

A long time ago, we were crazy about smartphone brands like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola but now you’ll see Vivo smartphones in most of the people’s pocket.

But do you know that Vivo is going to introduce a range of smartphone with 10gb ram mobile phone? Unbelievable.! Right?

We were going to tell you everything about it!

Vivo is a Chinese tech company which manufactures smartphones, smartphone’s accessories, software and different online services.Vivo was founded in the year 2009.It uses Hi-fi chips in the smartphones.
Vivo’s software includes Vivo app store, an Android-based operating system which is called as Funtouch OS and iManager.

Vivo release Vivo X1 in 2012 which was company’s first phone with Hi-fi chips which was developed by an American company Cirrus Logic.

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Vivo ranked in the top 10 smartphone makers in 2015 with the global market share of 2.7%.

Now, the most awaited smartphone: Vivo X-Play 7 which has 10gb ram mobile phone with 14.48 cm display.
Rumors are that the 10 GB RAM mobile phone is going to be launched in this year.

This 10GB Phone has 256 GB onboard storage and is expected to have 92.9% screen to body ratio which means it has an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Vivo X-Play 7 that’ll come with the implanted fingerprint sensor uses Synaptics Clear ID optical sensor which works with the OLED displays.

The sensors in this 10GB phone work from the gaps between the pixels because of which the technology remains invisible.

As the mobile photography is in trend, a dual camera is getting famous and useful this year.Though, in most smartphones, the dual camera module is either on the front or the rear panel.Vivo X-Play 7 has gone a step ahead, and this 10gb ram mobile phone has a 16 MP + 13 MP camera on rear and 20 MP + 8 MP on the front. No doubt the 10 GB phone is going to rock the world of selfies.

After Vivo X-Play 7’s launch, there are possibilities that other smartphones might launch 110gb ram mobile phone.

There’s no information about the launch of the Vivo Xplay 7, but we expect the phone to be amazing as it sounds.

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