safe torrent

Safe torrent

Many of you must have had this thought once in a while, whether its safe to download files from torrent safe use?The answer to this question is, NO! It’s entirely safe to download files from torrent unless it’s not copyrighted and doesn’t own by you and you’re downloading it for free then, it’s illegal. Torrent clients, such as utorrent and bit safe torrent torrent clients are used to download a significant amount of files on the internet, and much of it is illegal, there’s no question about it. and this common question pops:- torrent safe use? No its a big no

torrent safe use

In-depth To most of you who are still confused about torrent or doesn’t have any idea what torrent is, it is one of the most popular protocols for transferring big files such as tv shows, movies, or songs. To use BitTorrent protocol, you will need a BitTorrent client, which is a bit torrent network program that helps to access bit torrent safe use? network.

The programs allow you to search for files and begin downloading files. Most BitTorrent clients will enable you to pause your torrent that is downloading. It is very much helpful when you’re downloading the significant amount of data.

There are many torrent services such as thepiratebay and kickass torrent that does offer users free access to copyrighted contents. but is that safe torrent? Bit torrents protocols are neither illegal nor unsafe, and they are just the resource to share any files.

Users that connected to same trackers are known as peers, and they divided into two categories: leech and seeds. Leech/leechers are those who use a torrent file to download the file from other users on the network that already have the data. And the user who already has the files are known as seeds/seeders.

When the leechers are finished downloading the files, they become seeders and allows other leechers to download safe torrent files from their computers. It is considered as one proper pirate manner to seed as much as you leech.

Protecting oneself
Even though it’s not illegal to torrent but just to be on the safe side, if you do not want to fall under any legal division, take out some time to protect your privacy and keep copyright issues aside by just following these tips for safe torrent:

  • Use VPN

Using VPN is the best way to ensure your safety while torrenting. It comprises of two things: first, VPN encrypts all your internet traffic before it leaves your computer. That means your ISP cannot oversee your activity, nor can anyone else torrent safe use.

Because all your traffic goes to the VPN servers first, ISPs can’t tell where it’s going. Secondly, VPN re-routes all your traffic through a server in a location of your choice, changing your IP address to one who used by tons of other users, this adds a significant layer of being anonymous and makes it even harder to track you.

BUT! Don’t settle for a free service or VPNs that log your activity.


  • You might want to consider TOR, which is similar to a VPN in re-routing your traffics through volunteer nodes. However choosing VPN over TOR would still be a better choice as tor is slow and usually better for simple browsing and connecting to tor might create much attention from your ISP and law enforcement, as it’s better known to be as a handy tool for the hackers and criminals.
  • Another popular app is “Peerblock.” It is an open source personal firewall that blocks the IP addresses upon regular update. The IP addresses belong to those that try to track your activity online. But you have to pay to keep them updated as the blacklist only update once upon installation. But it is unsure that even after you have paid for the update, the blacklist could contain every IP address for copyright trolls.Best Accounting Software for you, Top 5
  • ThepirateBay and kickass torrents are the ones that are strictly being monitored by the copyright trolls as these are most popular torrents.

safe torrent

“So, choose your torrent carefully”


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