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Top 10 travel blogs in India

Traveling is something which teaches us so much which we will never get to know from anywhere else.

It Helps in Soothing Our Soul and Calming Our Storms.

travel blogs India Some of us travel only when we have savings for that (especially if you live in India), but for some people, it’s a passion, traveling is what they live for.
We are going to tell you here on InfoandFix about top Indian travel bloggers who promised themselves to travel this beautiful world and never to look back.
When passion meets profession, there is nothing better than that.These travel blogs India are going to inspire you to travel more often.

We have only one life, and this life is not enough to travel every place on the earth, but we can make the most out of it, and these top Indian travel bloggers are living our ‘Life goals.’
Take a look at these travel blogs India, and I can assure you that you’re going to love them.

travel blogs india

Top Indian travel bloggers

I hope that you’re going to enjoy our article on Top Indian travel bloggers.

  1. Shivay Nath
  2. Lakshmi Sharath
  3. Ankit Sethi
  4. Mridula Dwivedi
  5. Arnab Maity
  6. Ankita Sinha
  7. Dheeraj Sharma
  8. Rachel Jones
  9. Parm Johal
  10. Mariellen Ward

1.Shivya Nath

She’s one of the enthusiastic Indian travel bloggers you’re ever going to come through.
About 4 years ago, this girl with eyes full of dreams sold her possessions and embraced the nomadic life.To fulfill her passion for traveling, she left everything behind her.
She has traveled over 30 countries.(Just wow.)

Her piece of advice for other travel bloggers is to Go slow. Everything you’ll come across becomes cheaper and more immersive than and then a strange place starts to feel like home.
Check out her blog “The shooting star” to know more about her.
Trust me guys; you’re going to love her blog.
Follow shivya Nath on -Twitter, Instagram.

2.Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath started her incredible journey as a media professional, but then she was also a traveler, travel writer, and an excellent photographer. After 14.5 years of experience in the corporate world, she decided to live her dream.
She has traveled over five continents and about 25 countries.
Her travel tip for other travel bloggers is: I personally prefer to travel on weekdays and offseason. This helps me to discover more out of place and also I am happy with the quiet and peace around.
Check out her blog:-A travel blog of an Indian backpacker.”
Follow her on Twitter, Facebook.

3.Mysterious Trip

mysterious trip is a blog by an Indian blogger Ankit Sethi.
He is a very enthusiastic man who is passionate about traveling.
He was a security researcher and a white head Hacker for a long period of time and was included in the list of Google hall of fame.
He found out many vulnerabilities of many renowned companies.
But he left all of this for his passion for traveling and adventure.
In his blog “Mysterious trip”, you will find out many places which have been declared haunted.
He personally goes to the haunted places and the places nearby and writes his experience on his blog. No excuses for his busy schedule when it comes to traveling.
Check out his blog here:-
Follow him:- Twitter, Facebook.

4.Mridula Dwivedi

From quitting her job as a professor in 2015, this amazing woman started her travel journey.
She has the most beautiful smile which she carries with herself, and it seems like she gives a message to everyone to smile more often.
She has been to 18 countries.
Her travel blog India “Travel tales from India and abroad” is getting popular day by day and we wish happiness for this talented woman.
Her saying is: Sometimes not booking a hotel within India gives you better options. You can walk around the place, take a look at the hotels and then book!
Follow her on :- Twitter, Facebook.

5.Arnab Maity

The story behind this guy’s blog “The wireless wanderer” is an inspiration.
He started the blog as a way to help his mother, who passed her passion for traveling to Arnab, travel virtually through Arnab’s words and pictures.
However, Passion became profession When more and more readers of Arnab’s blog told him that because of him, they started traveling.
His blog is so amazing that I am sure you’re gonna fall in love with it.
He has visited many amazing places, and his photography is just outstanding.
The pictures solely make you want to travel the world.
Check out his blog here:- “The wireless wanderer
Follow him on:-facebook, Twitter.

6.Ankita Sinha

This top Indian travel blogger is a free bird who lives her life to the fullest.

She has a different way of writing down her thoughts in her blog which make her unique.
She has traveled in almost 18 countries and that too within 2 years of time span.Isn’t she your inspiration to pack up your bags and travel this world? Well, I think so.

Check out her blog here:- “anki on the move
Follow her on:- Facebook, Instagram.

7.Dheeraj Sharma

Did you ever meet anybody with an obsession for the Himalayas?If not, then let me introduce you to Dheeraj Sharma one of top Indian travel bloggers.
This top Indian travel blogger who has a passionate love for the Himalayas is living our dream.
He has not traveled many countries, but he has traveled each and every place alongside the Himalayas.
He has a brain of software project manager and a heart of a traveler.
He is also working to transpire the vision of Dow Travel community.
Check out his blog “Devil on Wheels” here.
Follow him on:- Twitter, Facebook.

8.Rachel Jones

A top Indian travel bloggers native American left her job to live at the beaches of Goa.There is a saying that when the beaches call you, nothing can stop you.
This American Beauty has traveled to 35 countries.
Her travel blogs India by foreigners have amazing travel stories to tell you.
Indian travel blogs by foreigners this girl had that passion for traveling since ages, and she pursued her dreams very well.
Check out her blog “Hippie in heels” for her adventurous travel stories.
Follow her onInstagram, Facebook, Twitter.

9.Parm Johal

She is one of the top Indian travel bloggers a Canadian with Indian roots.
She is a passionate traveler who sees the beauty of this world with a different and colorful angle.
This travel blogs India has been to 25 countries and 5 continents including Madrid, Istanbul, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, India, etc.
Her travel tip is to check for coupon codes online before booking a travel package.
Check out her blog “Desi Globetrotter” here.
Follow her on:- Instagram, Facebook, etc.

10.Mariellen Ward

Ever heard of a foreigner falls in love with India? Mariellen Ward has an undescribed love for India. Her first country to start her traveling journey was India, and since then she is exploring this beautiful country travel blogs India.
She is a solo female traveler who inspires other women to Travel solo.
India travel blogs by foreigners She has also visited Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Ireland, etc.
She has an incredible message for solo woman traveler that if a man is getting you uncomfortable then don’t afraid to be rude, it’s not only acceptable, but it’s required.
Check out her blog “dream breathe go” here.
Follow her on:- Instagram, Facebook.

These were some amazing and passionate travel blogs India who are aspiring others to travel this beautiful world. Then why not exploring this beautiful world when we have the chance!


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