Top 5 International Media Player Digital Set-Top Box

Top 5 International Digital Media Player Set Top Boxes

A digital set-top box is a device that enables a television set to become a user interface to the Internet and also enables a television set to receive and decode digital television (DTV) broadcast.

It is also known as a converter box, digital receiver and cable box.

A digital set-top box provides services when customer subscribe any digital video package. Some digital set-top boxes give advanced services like:-

  • video conferencing,
  • IP telephony,
  • home networking,
  • Video on demand (VOD)
  • high-speed Internet tv services.

A digital set-top box can change your boring and dull television into a smart one.

It can work even if your TV doesn’t have any cable or satellite connections and the reason is that set-top box uses broadband connections for watching your favorite shows and movies. If cable connection is present on TV, then set-top table provides a lot of other contents too.

Nowadays, there are many best quality digital set-top boxes which give essential services.
Variety of video streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube, provided by these digital set-top boxes. There was a fierce competition this year. High-quality app ecosystem, interface, and best available content help us to choose top five international digital media player set-top boxes.

Here are the top five international digital media player set-top boxes:-

1:- Roku premiere +(2016):-

When it comes to content availability, no one can beat Roku premiere +. digital set-top box It’s offering more than 3000 channels or apps through its device. Roku premiere provides Google play as well as sling TV.

Interface in Roku is easy to understand which makes it easy to find desirable content. Roku promotes M-Go store like Apple TV has iTunes. Roku premiere has the faster processor than Roku 3. It supports 4k wide. It comes with the quad-core processor but has no Dolby vision support. What is Apache Spark? Framework?

2:- Apple TV:-

This year Apple has made improvements in Apple TV  digital set-top box and included the power of IOS ecosystem. IOS helps Apple to get the top spot in the market. The content available is incredible.
HBO now, HBO Go, iTunes, Netflix, Showtime and lot of news and games apps are available. You can also get a weather update from a smart-mouthed both in the carrot weather app.

The remote has changed from the previous one, with a touch-sensitive swipe pad that doubles as a tactile “select ” button. Apple TV gives a feel like you are using a smartphone because of swipe and scroll features. It has a powerful processor.

It also has voice command software. Like in iPhone, Apple TV also has a Siri button. Siri helps to search movies, shows, and different apps. Forward or backward option in the video can also do by commanding Siri. You can also attach Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV.

Base model (32 gigabytes) are available at $ 149 and Top of the line TV (64 gigabytes) at $ 199

3:- Chromecast Ultra:-

We can say that Chromecast Ultra is worth of every penny spend on it.
Powerful and reliable 4k streaming dongle offers all services which are given by another digital set-top box. It is beneficial for Android users as you were able to mirror your screen via built-in cast functionality.

It is cheaper than other digital set-top box and efficient too. It also provides integrated ethernet adapter, but it does not have remote control feature.

4:- Nvidia Shield Android TV (2017):-

The best part of Nvidia Shield Android TV is that it becomes impressive video game ready internal digital set-top box. It makes for a smooth streaming experience. It is the best product for gamers. It has a controller which synced with TV, and you can stream title from Ge Force, Nvidia shield Android TV game streaming device. It has 4k HDR streaming.

Nvidia was also offering Amazon instant video on Android, but the prices are little high for 4k streaming. But if you compare the Nvidia Shield TV ‘s qualities with others in the market, the extra amount spent on it is justified. That’s why we can say that Nvidia Shield TV is the father of 4k HDR media streaming. Microsoft Visual Studio What’s New?

5:- Amazon Fire TV (Second generation 2015):-

Amazon Fire TV  digital set-top box comes with upgraded features including Alexa functionality and 4k Ultra Video support. New Additional features like weather, sports or traffic information are also provided due to Alexa functionality. In addition to this new features, Hardware also upgraded. Due to more powerful GPU, Amazon Fire TV now supports 4k Ultra Video.

A processor even upgraded to a Quadcore, 64-bit media Teko SoC with Power VR GX6250 graphics. It comes with 75 percent more processing power than the predecessor. Amazon Fire TV provides 2GB memory and good WiFi support. It has 8GB internal storage. It also offers micro SD card which let you expand the storage capacity to 128 GB.  How to earn money from Facebook

You can even watch live TV on NBA Gameline, Sling TV, and NBC news. Fire TV offers you to watch movies on rent, stream your favorite music, view photos and play exciting games.


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