Top 10 rare kitchen gadgets you don’t know

rare kitchen gadgets

Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets.

Unlike the inventions of new gadgets like the motorbikes, mobile phones, wireless headphone etc., humans are not a very big fan of kitchen appliances. But, do you know that the mankind has invented as cool and “rare kitchen gadgets” as the new technical inventions? Though, these “must have kitchen gadgets” cannot be found that easily because every specific section market has its online presence and an online website for a kitchen appliance is between few and farther.

Though, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist at all! They do by all means. All you would need to do is a little research on them. These kitchen’s rare gadgets are definitely for those who loves buying different appliances to do their dozen different works. We are going to talk about on this very topic to let you people know about these must have kitchen gadgets that you have never heard of.

Rare kitchen gadgets or we can say High tech kitchen gadgets 2018.

  1. Pizzaz pizza oven

90% of the world population is crazy for pizzas; the other 10% are from vegan depart. This would prove to be an ideal kitchen appliance and also a great add-on into your rare kitchen gadgets collection. The pizza oven has a heating element that rotates and a broiler combo that allows cooking frozen pizzas nonchalantly. One of the Amazon users described it as “a single man’s dream.” The machine is like a gift sent from above for those parents who are always tight with their schedules. Using this must have kitchen gadgets for your hungry kids is a great deal.

  1. Panasonic Xpress

Nowadays, many would go for a toaster oven than a useless kitchen appliance. The most admired toaster oven of all time is the Panasonic flash express. Unlike the standard toaster ovens, the flash express has a ceramic quartz heating components that preheat instantly.

  1. Zojirushi rice cooker

If you someone like the ones who do not believe rice cooker as a convenient must have kitchen gadgets then you must continue reading. I had this belief that rice cookers are a waste of time and quite hard to work on. But, when my mum taught me to use this rare kitchen gadgets, I was appalled! Because it was that easy to operate.

The rice cookers are common, but a must have kitchen gadget in every household in Asia. Zojirushi has a firm control on the “rice cooker” market. At the top is its NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer in which it uses the fuzzy logic to adapts the temperature and adjust in accordance. The result given by the Zojirushi rice cooker is a perfectly cooked rice.

  1. DorkFood DSV Sous-vide controller

One of the favorites of the chefs is the sous vide cooking. The method for cooking includes diving the vacuum sealed meat & vegetables in water and cook them in constant deficient heat. This way it allows the moisture to retain while it’s being cooked to perfect doneness.

The sous vide cooking was only limited to high-end restaurants, but the cooking method is gradually entering American households. Though many of us wouldn’t want to splurge 400$ on a machine, don’t we? This is where DorkFood DSV Sous-vide controller comes in as our savior. Just plug any slow cooker into this ingenious and rare kitchen gadget and turn it into improvised sous vide machine.

  1. KitchenAid stand mixer

This rare kitchen gadgets is a well-known machine to all the bakers around the world. However, many don’t have a clue of the countless other tasks it can be put to use. From granulating beef to grinding grain to making pasta, to mincing cheese- it can do all. The religious admiration for this must have kitchen gadgets is interesting. The machine has resulted in many replicas of its design. There are other appliances too on the market, but only a few have stood up front.

  1. Hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker

Though, it’s not a necessary item to include into your rare gadgets collections but would prove to be a no-brainer for those whose love for breakfast sandwiches is endless. One of an Amazon user quotes this product as the Michael Jordan of breakfast sandwich makers.

  1. T-Fal Actifry

We all fancy fried foods, despite knowing the fact that it’s not at all healthy. But, what if I tell you that this machine will provide you with the deliciousness of fried foods but with a tiny amount of the calories. Even Oprah Winfrey the media icon named this rare gadgets as one of her favorites.

  1. Mochi maker

Those who are not familiar with mochi; it is a rice cake which is very famous in Japan. This Japanese kitchen gadgets can be used to make fresh pounded rice cakes in less than an hour. Just add some mochi rice, add some water and press a button. However, this machine can also be used to prepare dough for bread and Udon noodles.

  1. The Thermomix

This is a must have kitchen gadgets you need to include in your daily kitchen routine. It is so well-contemplated and yet so difficult to find. This rare kitchen gadgets labeled as the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market with a price of whooping 2000$. Though, it is only going to cost this high if you are willing to buy this ingenious device from an unofficial third party. To grab the Thermomix in a legit way is to contact the official Thermomix consultant who travels to you to perform an in-house demo.

  1. La cloche dome baker

Bread making can be a difficult task for some, and even though a variety of bread makers can easily be found and easy to use, there is always a lack of rural charm of genuine oven-baked bread. But the SuperStone 11″ la cloche dome baker replicates the outcome of a brick oven, resulting in real craftsmen-style bread. This rare kitchen gadgets sounds like a handy device for those who struggles with bread making on a regular basis.


These were some best kitchen gadgets 2018 that considered being a must have kitchen gadgets. Though, we are pretty sure that there are many more appliances out there in the market with the similar fan base. But if we have missed something more deserving as per your viewpoint, feel free to jot it down in the comments. 🙂


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