Stranger Chat app That You Have To Delete Right Now.

stranger chat app

Our parents have always been reminding us since we were little to never talk to a stranger out in the streets, but they have never succeeded in stopping their children, preventing US to talk to strangers via the internet. As the technology advances with time, we have the opportunity to speak to any strangers and indulge conversation with them. Through various stranger chat apps, we connect ourselves with strangers of all gender, nationalities, and ages. You might have one of those stranger chat apps in your phone, or you might browse it on your PC’s like Omegle, or Omegle like sites which gives you the freedom to talk with strangers and you can even do video chat in those websites. But it would be for your own
good if you stop using these stranger chat apps.

‘Omegle’ website is one of the stranger chat apps that you have to delete right now!

First of all, let me update you a bit about Omegle, it’s for those audiences who have no clue on what I have been talking about above and why otherwise all my hard work on the introduction would go in vain. stranger chat app Omegle is a popular website that let the users start a conversation with strangers from all over the globe. This might sound exciting and new, but it raises a grave concern in the safety of the users especially teenagers, who share their every bit of information with the strangers thinking its all good when it’s not! A simple click takes you to a virtual chat room where you are paired up with a random person who is waiting for you to respond. Conversations can turn from music, current events, sports to more personal side such as sexual talks or personal information. Though, the user has the option to walk away from the conversation anytime and start a new chat with another stranger. Omegle does offer two chat options- 1) stealth topic-based chat and 2) video chat. Stealth topic based chats are random

questions given to the two users and helps in building up the conversation between the two strangers. Questions could be silly and eerie from the fellow users sometimes a bit personal, e.g., ‘why spiders have eight legs? to ‘when was the last time you were sexually active?

Now, coming to the risks-

Age restriction

The website has a written statement regarding age limit of the user that it shouldn’t be less than the age of 13, it further mentioned that the user 18 years of age must have parental permission. Though, no verification is necessary. The age limit is just an untied written word to fulfill the formalities by the websites, and it doesn’t applied by many sites as this could become an obstacle and hard to run the business.

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Nudity on Omegle video chat

Nudity has no place in any website or chat apps. On stranger chat app omegle, nudity is strictly discouraged in video segments, but users can still engage themselves in sexual activities. Anyone using Omegle video chat might end up with nudity in Omegle video segments at any moment. Though Omegle does promise of monitoring video chats 24×7 with its team, but, monitoring is to an ‘extent’/’limited.’

No text protection on stranger chat app Omegle

If you thought Omegle provide you text protections during texting on stranger chat app Omegle, you thought wrong! Omegle doesn’t offer any protection. NONE! However, Omegle encourages users with written caution not to engage themselves in any sexual activity or share any of your personal information unless the information that has been shared is at the user’s discretion. Teenagers and children can easily share their data with any strangers, and it could be anything- emails address, phone number, or home address, this could be risky for you and your children’s privacy.

Apart from the cons of using Omegle, the app is also known for making headlines on the news. In 2014, an anonymous user of stranger chat app Omegle posted about finding a teen’s body from California named Julissa Romero who was missing since April 2014. Police investigators went to the location given by the anonymous user but didn’t find anybody. The police later responded that the message was a hoax and the stranger chat app anonymous Omegle user’s identity is still unknown.

It’s not the first time Omegle made headlines in the news. Earlier 2014, a couple from Minnesota caught for producing and distributing child pornography. Upon further investigation by the police, it was revealed that Omegle noticed child pornography and reported the users instantly to the National Center for Missing and Exploiting Children. Police were successful in tracking down the IP address of the couple.

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There are few Omegle like sites that works same as the latter app, e.g., Chat Roulette, Chat Random, Fruzo, Imeetzu, Faceflow, ChatRad.

What’s my biggest concern is that in omegle users easily divert the conversation off of the plot. Many users start giving their personal information thinking the other person would talk offsite. However, it’s not always that results would come out negative if you understand what you’re doing and you’re familiar with the rules and know how to handle a situation if something goes sideways on an Omegle chat with a stranger. The bottom line is, it might seem fun at first sight, the idea of meeting and discovering new people but there’s more to what meets the eye.

It’s time for you to understand the massive difference between being safe and having fun.

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