Safe cryptocurrency to Invest top 10

In the last few weeks, everyone seems to be talking about safe cryptocurrency. All thanks to Bitcoin, this grew exponentially this year and touched $10000 figure for the very first time. For those who have no idea about cryptocurrencies, here is a clue:-

It is a digital or virtual currency which is encrypted and is not issued by any agency; instead, it mined.

Now let’s talk about investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency in India is neither a familiar concept nor a legal one. But still, these are gaining popularity in India due to secrecy, no regulation, etc. and everyone is looking for some safe cryptocurrency options. To define a cryptocurrency as safe, one needs to understand that it all depends on their dynamic value, the threat from hackers, and the cryptocurrency exchange you chose. By these factors and potential market, following cryptocurrencies are the Is torrent safe to use? unlock information

best to invest:

  1. Bitcoin:-Well, it seemed pretty evident that this is on the top. It was the first cryptocurrency to be available in the market. Someone named Satoshi developed it. You can buy a Bitcoin for $14,166.99. If you do not have a 14k amount, don’t worry. You can even buy a part of it. Mining produces Bitcoins. These are most famous, widespread, and its value will be likely to increase shortly as these are limited and yes it’s a safe cryptocurrency.
  2. Bitcoin cash:-This cryptocurrency was once a part of Bitcoin, but now it is an independent cryptocurrency. Value of Bitcoin cash (1 unit) is $2,448.71. It has been appreciating considerably since November 2017 one of a safe cryptocurrency and is likely to maintain its pace steady. Predicted that it may even cross $5,000 at the end of 2018.
  3. Ethereum:-Many considers it to be next to the only bitcoin. It’s younger than other safe cryptocurrencies but has risen rapidly in the past. You can buy ethereum for $757.46. Unlike bitcoin, its supply will remain constant (for the most part) and be expanding.
  4. Ripple:-Ripple stands at #4 on this list. Introduced in 2012 by ripple, it is a digital asset which enables real-time global payments anywhere in the world. You can buy it at $1.80. It has built-in currency exchange, is instant and does not need to be mined as bitcoins do.
  5. Lite coin:-It was launched in 2011 by a Google engineer and based on the model of bitcoin.
    It based on open source cryptographic protocol like bitcoin. You can buy it at $247.40. It provides liquidity, is anti-spam, can modify.
  6. Dash:-
    Once known as dark coin, is considered one of the hottest cryptocurrencies today. Its price is $1,129.09 and is ever increasing. Dash comes with many innovations on a regular basis. It has a great market potential.
  7. Neo:-It was also known as shares. It was developed by Hongfei and is extremely popular in China. You can buy it at $65.51. It is a community-based blockchain project.
  8. Iota:-It does not use blockchain like other cryptocurrencies but a technology called tangle. It has the futuristic and forward-looking approach. You can buy it at $3.64. Its technology is different and ahead of its time.
  9. NEM:-It launched in 2015. It runs on java platform. It traded under the symbol XEM. It has some similarities to ethereum. You can buy it at just $1.01. It is barely 2-3 years old but is already a highly profitable investment.
  10. Monero:-It was launched in 2014 and is an open source privacy oriented cryptocurrency
    Its users have the option of keeping their transactions history private. You can buy it at $364.80.

So these were some of the most suitable cryptocurrencies to invest by 2017. Cryptocurrency in India has been gaining popularity in the past despite its ban. So be careful while dealing in cryptocurrency. But in a modern era, it is right decision to invest in safe cryptocurrency as there are an ever-expanding market and its value.


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