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Intel i9 laptop

Intel is bringing the best gaming and laptop processor that has ever built! Intel claims the new 8th generation core i9 chip is the best-performed laptop processor till date. The new Intel i9 processor is based on the coffee lake platform. The chip giant used 14mn++ process technology, and they even say that it will offer much faster and better performance than its ancestors. The intel i9 can deliver up to 41% more frames in gameplay per second. You can even edit the 4k videos 59 percent faster.

intel i9

Intel i9 release date

On 3rd of April 2018, Intel announced its powerful Intel Core i9-8950HK.

Along with intel i9 processors, Intel also announced i5 and i7 processors for laptops. Both the i5 and i7 will be based on 14nm++ process technology too (which is known as the coffee lake.) The company said that the intel i9-8950HK is the powerful chip. This is Intel’s first mobile chip with six cores, that means two more than its previous generations and 12 threads. It has a fully unlocked for overclocking feature which is provided to improve the platform performance to its full potential. It might prove great for those who do content creation, gaming and VR.

The intel i9 processor also comes with a feature of thermal velocity boost. It automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature gets low and the turbo power budget is available.

Intel claims to have boosted its overall performance by 29 percent compared to the 7th generation i7 processor and also provides better performance by 88 percent. Which means it would be an excellent choice for those who are looking for an upgrade from a 3-4-year-old system.

The mobile processor range added a new Intel 300 series chipset with combined Gigabit wifi which could be faster as the standard 2×2 802.11AC 80MHz.
The pcs & laptops with Intel i9+, i7+ and i5+ badge would feature Intel Opten memory. It aims to boost the responsiveness and performance of SATA based storage technology. Intel said that the SATA storage technology could open large files 17x faster than before.
Besides the flagship Intel core i9-8950HK, Intel also revealed some other processors.

Though, it’s not entirely good news for this giant tech company, as per a report from Bloomberg Apple is working on a project that may replace Intel chips in MacBooks with its own custom silicon by 2020.

Intel i9 vs i7? Worth investment?

Intel i9 7900x vs i7 7700k

If we talk about overall gaming performance, the Intel core i9 7900x is immensely better than the i7-7700k 4- core. The i7-7700k is a little behind regarding running latest games. The Intel i9-7900 released after the i7-7700k release. Therefore they are likely to have the same level of support, and similarly optimised performance.

Even though both the processors manufactured by the same 14nm technology, the core i7-7700k comes with 45 watts lower maximum TDP than intel i9. This means that i7-7700k would consume less power and as a result produce less heat than i9-7900x. It will enable more extended computer tasks with less harmful effects. This would lower your electricity bills mainly as well as prevent you from investing extra money in cooling devices.

Both the i9 and i7 unveils great performance so in my opinion upgrading from i7 to i9 won’t make much difference. Both of them can run the most challenging games at the highest settings. The i9-7900x has six more cores than the i7-7700k 4-core, which considered as excessive because having four cores is more than enough for gaming purposes. Having as much as ten cores just to run latest games are too much, as games are not able to use this many cores yet.

So, at which Intel’s processor you’re eyeing?


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