Microsoft Visual Studio What’s New?

Microsoft Visual Studio

Starting Days of Coding !!

“When I Started learning to programme, I used to Code in native text Editors, but this blog post is to make you aware - How Microsoft can change your experience of Coding as It changed mine.”

Well everybody has heard the word Microsoft Visual Studio, but those people who don’t know what is it and how can visual studio can change our Programming experiences? You have landed in the right place and at the right time so let me break that code for you.

So Basically Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is a free and open source IDE(Integrated development environment) designed and developed by Microsoft in 1997 to make programmers and developers life more comfortable.I know some crowd will be like, Why would I use an application from 1997? But let me be clear that Microsoft released a Stable Version in March 2017.Coming to the technical part It is Written in C++ and C# programming languages and is available in 13 different words to be exactly like English, Russian, Turkish and many more.

Why Visual Studio 2015?

Now the only question arises Why Microsoft Visual Studio is better than other IDE(s) in the market and Why should we swap? , well I have an excellent and precise reason for that.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is used to develop computer programs and is very friendly for designing Web sites, Web applications, Web services, Mobile applications and learning new programming languages for Newbies.
When I Started learning new Programming languages, I always faced the problem with syntax, but Visual Studio 2015 provides you a code editor with IntelliSense.

Which can detect the wrong syntax and underlines it, pretty fascinating isn’t it ?? not only this, Visual Studio 2015 is also provided with Code refactoring and an inbuilt Code Debugger which runs on both Source level and Machine level.
Talking about Debugger for people who don’t know what a debugger is?

A debugger tracks the error and breakpoints where the program or executable stopped working which helps the developer to correct and change the code if an error occurs at Runtime.  What is Windows Hello? How does it work?

More about Visual Studio?

Latest Visual Studio supports version control(subversion) which is used to detect the changes we have made until our last save or the last commit.
This helps us to go to the unchanged code directly without getting mad at ourselves, haha because we are always frustrated with the code we write, isn’t it? Apart from this stuff, we got some designer toolsets to modify our GUI at any time.
We provided with toolsets like editors, visual designer for domain-specific languages and toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifestyle.Which gives us the power to change the text color, text size, text font style, background colors, and gradients.Never use Public WiFi. Here’s Why?

PROS(Merits of Using Visual Studio 2015)

  1. Visual Studio supports 36 programming languages including event-driven, procedural, object-oriented and languages used for GUI.
  2. Visual Studio is an Environment which provides every tool from compilers to data handlers in the software itself.
  3. Visual Studio let you design and modify to your GUI like background colors and text properties.
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio is so-called ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE software designed by Microsoft.

CONS(Demerits of Using Visual Studio 2015)

  1. One of the main demerits of Visual Studio is that it is operating system dependent as it only works with Microsoft Windows operating systems above Windows 7 service pack 1.That means you can’t work on Visual Studio if you are using Linux or mac os, But there is a solution the Linux and mac os users can work on Microsoft Visual Studio Code which works fine with all operating systems.
  2. Well, when I used Microsoft visual code for the first time I found it very tough to set up all the information, so this my perspective of Visual Code maybe some guys will find it too easy to set up.

NOTE:: As I told you guys that you could use Microsoft Visual Studio Code(O/S independent) rather than the old edition which is Microsoft Visual Studio(O/S dependent)

Differences between Visual Studio 2015 & Visual Studio Code:

  1. Visual Studio based on Projects and Solutions but Visual Studio Code based on Files and Folders
  2. Visual Studio is little heavier because it does a lot of stuff than the Visual Studio Code which makes Visual Studio a slower IDE.
  3. Visual Studio is better than Microsoft Visual Studio Code in IntelliSense and code refactoring.
  4. Visual Studio supports almost all Programming languages, but Visual Studio Code provided
    with only a few languages

Post Script:: I told you all the differences, merits and demerits of both Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Code, now it is your choice in which you want to code in.


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