Keep laptop’s battery in good health? Solution and tips.

Keep laptop battery good health? Solution and tips.
From toys to cars to massive machines, all use rechargeable batteries to run. Not like past, when we used disposable batteries because we now prefer portable and handy machines instead of fixed machines.
In today’s virtual world, computer notebooks that are laptops have become the preferred choice of everyone.. Laptops use rechargeable batteries which mostly has a life of 18-24 months.

There are two types of batteries used in laptops. First, lithium-ion batteries second lithium polymer batteries.
Lithium polymer batteries are used mostly in apple.
Batteries’ good health completely depends on discharge cycles and care. You must have heard people saying that their laptop’s battery discharge sooner than other batteries or compared to the times when a laptop was new! This is due to the reckless use of batteries.

So here are some tips & facts that can ensure your laptop batterie’s good life :

  • 1. Completely discharge your battery time to time: this is due to the memory effect of batteries. Full discharges erase the memory of batteries.
  • 2. Keep it in the cold place: extremely hot and extreme cold weather conditions harms your battery life. The high temperature is dangerous for battery health. It reduces overall lifespan and causes faster discharges which are the worse next performance of a battery.
  • 3. Don’t block the ventilation: even in the design of batteries, a temperature cannot be maintained to a certain level.. So the best way is to keep the ventilation on for your batteries. By ensuring that no direct sunlight reaches your battery, you can nullify the temperature effects.
  • 4. Use the correct charger: using the proper charger that is the charger that came with your device is the best safety feature to ensure good health of batteries.
  • 5. No continuous charging: continuous charging can produce immense heat which may affect the battery lifespan and changes the shape of batteries. So charging at time intervals is the best option.
  • 6. Wireless charging: wireless charging is convenient, but it makes more heat which can harm the batterie’s live performance.
  • 7. Charge for storing it helps laptop battery good health.
  • 8. Screen brightness: display brightness is the most significant battery keep the brightness low But it depends on the environment too.
  • 9. Laptop speakers: using continuous headphones can cause more battery usage. So keep the volume low.
  • 10. Built on power management system: laptops have their management system, or else you can create your own through the control panel.
  • 11. Battery saver option: you can use power saving mode to ensure batteries long life.
  • 12. Disable unnecessary hardware system like Bluetooth which consumes more battery in the backdrop.
  • 13.if your laptop uses a removable battery, keep one in spare. Batteries are quite affordable.
  • is not necessary to fully charge your battery. But if possible charge it to 100%
  • 15. Discharge cycle: discharge cycle counted when you have used your laptop battery good health to 100%. So discharge cycles can increase your battery lifespan.
  • 16. Do not leave the battery unconnected from a power source for too long.
  • 17. You can shut down the laptop and remove the battery when it not used for an upcoming week.
  • 18. You can use hibernate option for laptop battery good health.
  • 19. You can delete power consuming apps if not in use.
  • 20. You should avoid full discharges as far as possible.

[ So, these tips can ensure good health of your laptop’s batteries. It says “precaution is better than cure,” so switch on your battery saver mode and save the battery life.


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