Top Three Free Junk Cleaners For computer maintenance

Computer maintenance ” Junks files are unwanted files which get inside your computer either when you install a program or through any website, you visit though. Junks do play a significant role in hampering your computer’s performance. That is why junk files should be removed from the computer maintenance on a regular basis. And here we are to help you with this problem, Here are some excellent programs that you can use to remove junk files, locate duplicate files, and utilize your storage space.

Here is Top Three Free Junk Cleaners For computer maintenance:-


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Used by millions and acclaimed by critics this is the reason why CCleaner is the best computer optimisation tool. This tool is very user-friendly that even naive users can use it to optimize their computer but for expert users, its filled with many features

Have you noticed sometimes your computer starts working slow as it gets more used it collects all the unwanted files which result in no space left for your future needs?That is why we suggest you use CCleaner, which cleans all the adverse data and creates a free storage on your machine.

Many features like cookie and cache memory optimisation also provided to the users. You can setup CCleaner according to your schedule whenever you want it to work. CCleaner is a light software which does not occupy much space on your machine and works smoothly.

-You can download CCleaner from here -

2. IOBIT Advanced SystemCare

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IOBIT ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE comes with two versions , a free edition that covers up the computer maintenance with essential features and a paid edition comes up with flooded advancements like internet booster , identity traces remover , deep clean so that you can modify the places that you want to clean and with 24 hours of technical support, if you have any query related to the program they will guide you through with a licence that can cover up to 3 computers

IOBIT Advanced SystemCare has a helpful and friendly user interface ao that beginners would not face any concern while using the software. This software comes up with many advanced features like Game Booster, Battery Saver, Notification Cleaner, Privacy Locker and Anti-Theft tool.

-You can download IOBIT ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE from here -


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Malwarebytes is nowadays the best and the most popular program found on everybody’s computer. It is effortless to use and very light to handle. It comes with anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit technology. This program looks out for the most critical threats by default. It protects your computer and saves it from the dangers; it protects your browser and other applications by many layers of defense that prohibits the entry of many threats like Spyware, Ransomware, Malware, Adware, Crimeware and Browser Hijackers.

Malwarebytes prevents communication with fraud websites and infected links. This software prohibits the unauthorized access to any spyware, malware, advertising. This program comes with three type of scans, which are divided according to their features, advancements, and work
Threat Scan- It scans all the places on your computer where most threats are found.
Custom Scan - It scans all the places that you want to examine. You can set up this type of scan the way you want according to suitability
HyperScan - It scans all the parts of the computer deep within so that there are fewer chances of any threat found after this scan

-You can download Malwarebytes from here -

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