Question is Snapchat Safe For Kids?

“Snap me” is a new trend going on nowadays. is is snapchat safe for kids People around the globe have a new social media obsession that is ‘Snapchat.’

Snapchat allows you to send pictures which self-destruct within seconds.Snapchat is used for send messages known as “snaps”; snaps consist of a photo or a video, and it can be edited to add filters, effects, captions, and drawings.

Snapchat came in 2011 for iPhone and is available for Android devices.Snapchat became popular from the year 2015, and since then it’s the 3rd most happening social media.

Snapchat has some cool filters which make you click selfies almost every time.

It has a discover feature which lets the different brands post their advertisements.

When sending snaps to your friends, you choose how long the snap will be available for viewing, from 1 to infinity and same is in its 24-hour story feature.The receiver should have snapchat too to receive the picture or video.But after the time is up, the picture or video will disappear by itself, and you can no longer see that.

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Snapchat is used by adults, but teens are also using it which is frightening. Parents think that pictures disappear within a few seconds, so it’s not dangerous for their kids.But Snapchat has admitted that they try to delete the pictures instantly once the receiver has seen it, but sometimes they are not able to delete the pictures. Wikipedia Explain

Most of the teenagers have their personal smartphones with them, and the age of most the teens are below 13, which is a concerning issue.

Whether Snapchat deletes the pictures or not, but screenshotting is another way of saving young teens pics.And the pictures could be of anything which could be dangerous for the teenagers.

So the question arises: is snapchat safe for kids ?

is snapchat safe for kids That’s a serious question which most of the parents can’t answer, or they would answer that they have talked to their kids about how to use the internet but do they know that kids love to try new things and at this age, they try to follow their friends or favorite celebrities.

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Here are some things that you should keep in mind before allowing your kids to use snapchat:-

  1. ~You can use a setting only to allow friends of your kids to send them “snaps.” You can find it under Settings. Just change the option from “Everyone” to “My Friends.”
  2. ~Snapchat is not intended to be used by teens under the age of 13, so parents can use restriction settings to make sure that their kids can’t download the app.
  3. ~Review your kid’s phone from time to time to check if they have downloaded snapchat and it they already had snapchat then check if they have added only their friends on snapchat.If you find any stranger on snapkidz, then you can block them on it.
  4. ~When you send Snap to someone you give Snapchat a “non exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, distribute, perform and display user content in connection with services, subject to the use of privacy settings in services to control who can see your user content.”
  5. ~Once you create a Snapchat account, you accept total responsibility for every activity occurs while you are logged on. Either don’t allow your children to download snapchat so early at their teenage or talk to them about what a parent should talk to their kids.
  6. ~Strangers use snapchat as child pornography, and once the kids have sent it, they screenshot it which can be lead to some serious problems.So it’s better to tell your kids about the consequences of not following your directions as young girls pics leads to some serious problems.
  7. ~Modified version, “Snapkidz,” is available for children who are younger than 13. They can take Snaps, draw on them and have almost same features. Though the function of sending or receiving Snaps is not in the snapkidz.
  8. ~It’s better to talk to your children about Snapchat and other forms of social media. Find any common ground on which you can agree on. Today’s teenagers are technological.Just Make sure teenagers realize that what they post now could emerge later in life when they are not expecting it.

Well is snapchat safe for kids Only you can help them make smart decisions to keep themselves from any danger.As there’s the saying,”Precautions is better than cure.”

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