How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work? Tips and Tricks.


How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Summers are here, and we are already getting tired of the heat and the cruel sun.
If you’re an Indian, then you know very well that what is “Summers”. It’s only April, and the temperature is already rising day by day and getting on our nerves.

We are installing coolers, Air conditioners to protect ourselves from the heat.
There’s a product which is going to do wonders this summer, and that is Portable Air Conditioner.

Yes, you heard it right, an Air Conditioner which is Portable. You might have questions like what are portable air conditioners, how do they work, etc?

We are going to answer your each and every question here.

What are portable air conditioners?

A portable air conditioner is an air conditioner that is a mobile advantage which means you can move it easily from one place to another.Portable Air Conditioners do not require permanent installation.These units have caster wheels for easy portability, are proportionately lightweight and are about 28″ to 34″ tall. Also Read:- 10 best smartwatches under $100 2018

How do portable air conditioners work?

A gas named Refrigerant is used in the process to effect the exchange.
This gas can be easily and quickly move from low to high pressure and can be changed into a gas from a liquid and vice versa.

This property makes the portable air conditioner cooling do portable air conditioners work

The low-pressure gas is send by a compressor where the gas is pressurised swiftly in which the gas converted quickly and easily. At this point, the hot gas passes through the condenser coils which reduces the temperature of the gas and it turns into the liquid form. The liquid is at high pressure but is cooler now.

The liquid passes through the evaporator coils, and the pressure cools down quickly.
The cooled gas goes back to the compressor to start the process all over again.

The hot air around the house is brought back in the evaporator coil, and it is cooled down, at that point a blower pushes it back into the room.

This cooled air is frequently exchanged with the hotter air around the house until the reaction within the portable air conditioner has cooled the temperature in the room. And that’s how a portable air conditioner works. Also Read:- Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000.

How do portable air conditioners work

While purchasing a portable air conditioner, one should consider the following:

  1. Frequency of use
  2. Room size
  3. Whether it is permanent or temporary
  4. Whether it will be in a room with a lot of sun exposure or a kitchen with hot appliances.
  5. how do portable air conditioners work

Which are the portable air conditioners best buy?

There are many portable air conditioners available in the market, but the consumer wants to know which are the best ones for them according to their requirements and budget. portable air conditioners best buy

Here are some of the best buy available in India:

1:- Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner:-  It has a dual hose venting system which makes it more efficient than single hose air conditioners.
It cools in mid to large sized premises quickly and efficiently.
It comes with one year of warranty.

2:- Royal Sovereign ARP- 9411 portable air conditioner:-  Portable air conditioners best buy This portable air conditioner is very lightweight and has small dimensions which make it easy to move around the premises.
If you’re looking for an air-conditioner with excellent functionality and comes in a compact size, then 9411 portable air conditioner is for you.

3:- AMFAH AMF-PAC-12K/M portable air conditioner:-  It’s high air dehumidification rates allow the air conditioner to make the climate in your premises more comfortable.
No water drainage needed.portable air conditioners best buy

4:- Lloyd 1 ton white portable air conditioner:-  This portable air conditioner is durable and also of high quality.
It is available at a quite affordable price, but its performance is not less than of a high-end product.
It designed with sleek and rounded corners, and it can blend easily with any interior and decor.portable air conditioners best buy

5:- Paradis Paradis 150:-  This portable air conditioner comes with very good efficiency rates.
Install it in any corner of the house, no matter how is the temperature, it will cool down immediately and efficiently.
Comes with great design and fits in any premises.

Can it be changed from air conditioner to heater?

Yes, it is possible in the portable air conditioner. The mechanism of heat exchange can be reversed in a portable air conditioner. A single component reversing valve is added into the system which reverses the flow of thermal energy through a heat pump system.

Put the portable air conditioner into the heating mode, the reversing valve flips and the flow of refrigerant changes direction.

  • Portable air conditioners repair can be easily repaired if it is facing some problems.
  • They are easy to repair. You can do it on your own or with the aid of a technician.

Portable air conditioners are perfect for you if you’re looking for something which cools down your house just like an air conditioner but can be moved from one place to another.

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