google voice setup

Google voice setup

Back in the days of Android, you might have remembered we had an app called google voice or google voice assistance on phones like g1 and the nexus one. Then, with times android phones advance regarding functions and new features. On Android, we have gone from ‘google voice’ to ‘google now,’ and now we have reached the point where we have ‘google assistance.’

But, what is a google voice?

In simple words google voice setup is a communication service that helps the users in making free internet calls but, don’t assume google voice to be just a typical internet phone calling service. This communication service stands out from the rest in many perspectives. Firstly, its free, secondly, it’s a Google product, and there are many features to mention, we’ll get into that, but first, you should know why you should use a google voice assistance and what google voice does.

Free calling

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a tab, or pc, or a mobile phone. You can receive and send texts or make a call from any of the devices with just one google voice number. It allows you to make free calls from pc to phones and pc to pc calls. However, calls made with google voice are free only if the numbers are based in the US and Canada. International calls will be subjected to a small fee per minute.

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google voice setup

Signing up for google voice

For signing up on google voice, you need to have a google account for google voice setup. It uses the same amount of information you use to access your Gmail or youtube. If you don’t have a google account, you can always make one.

Free google voice number

You can obtain any of your favorite numbers by just entering the zip and area code while registering for google voice account. The google voice has a feature that is helpful for generating a local business number keeping the original phone number private. You can save money on your office phone bills or home phone bills by merely setting up a free landline connection with google voice account and an OBI device.


google voice setup has a limit of three hours, after which you’ll be disconnected if you are making a free call with google voice. Although you can call at the same number as many times you want, the annoyance is more of an occasional one than just a restriction. But if you’re someone living outside the Us and Canada, you might want to use the calling feature less than 3 hours.
However, PC to PC calling in hangout are not restricted at all.

Voicemail feature

Sometimes when you do not want to answer to any calls but still wants to know what the person on the opposite has to say, the google voice setup has a feature of a voicemail where the person calling you can leave a message into your voicemail. You can listen to them anytime you wish. There’s another feature that’s convenient, i.e., the “call screening feature.” While receiving a call, there’s an option on the screen to either answer or send the caller to voicemail. After listening to their voicemail, it’s all up to you on whether you’d like to answer the caller or not.

Voicemail transcriptions

Voicemail transcription is one rare feature in google voice. This feature covert your voicemails to texts which helps you to receive the messages in silence, also, when you would be in need of searching a message since you can’t do that with voice. Though at times the voicemail transcriptions might create some annoyance to the users but not all the time plus its fun to have it even it doesn’t come handy.

Do not disturb mode

You can set your google voice account on a ‘do not disturb’ mode whenever you are vacationing or do not want to be disturbed. To activate do not disturb mode you just need to go to google voice-settings-calls-do not disturb and voila!! You’re free from the world! Or that’s how I’d like to say it.

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google voice setup

Now comes the part where you’ll know, how to setup google voice? Many people still struggle with, on how to setup google voice in their Smartphone. Worry not as I’m here to enlighten you on how to setup google voice on you android smartphones:

  • If you do not own a google voice app, you can get it from the google play store.
  • After downloading is finished, open the app, there you’ll be asked to visit on your PC for the setup.
  • Click on continue on the welcome page.
  • Search for any available number by entering zip or area code.
  • After selecting the number, you want to use, click select.
  • To confirm the selected number click on next.
  • Google voice will then send you a code on your phone number for verification purpose. If you haven’t added your number to your google account, you’ll be asked to add a number.

Once, the code verification is done you are ready to use google voice with your smartphone.



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