Gboard is The Best Keyboard For Smartphone.

Best keyboard

Gboard is the best keyboard for Smartphone.

Our smartphones are filled with Google’s different applications.Google is a trusted company as almost every application of Google works efficiently.

We can enjoy our favorite music in Google Play music, watch any video from anywhere on Youtube, send emails to our family and friends by Gmail, download any app on Google Play Store, can find directions through Google Maps, and then there is Gboard: best keyboard for almost every smartphone.

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Gboard has everything you need while chatting.It has speed and reliability, glide typing, etc.

  • -Glide typing-You can type faster just by sliding your finger from one letter to another.
  • -Voice typing-No need to type anymore, just speak, and it’ll dictate that into text.
  • -Emoji search-Just type the emoji’s name that you want to add text and it will be there.
  • -GIFs-Now, you can search and share different GIFs to make your conversation interesting.
  • -Multilingual typing-You don’t have to switch between languages anymore
    It will autocorrect automatically.


It has so many features which prove that Gboard is the best keyboard for smartphone available.Many Android devices even the New Pixel line use Gboard as the default keyboard.

Gboard was first released in mid-2016 and was available in iOS.In the following year, it was introduced in Android, and since then it is getting popular day by day.

Don’t you believe us?

Do you want to know what else can Gboard so to make Gboard best keyboard for smartphone available?

  • If you want to search a dog emoji just draw it and you will get your dog-related emoji.
  • Gboard has the Google built right in it; you want to search for anything? No need to switch between apps, type in the Gboard and there you go.!

Still not going to believe that why Gboard is the best keyboard for smartphone

  • Gboard helps to translate any word and phrase from an app which allows typing.
  • Gboard supports voice to text in many different languages.
  • If you have iOS, Gboard created a GIF creator.Yes, pals, you heard it tight!
  • Now, you can create your GIF.Oh yes, you can.!

Isn’t it exciting and fun? Of course, it is.! 😛

Gboard has more than just search related benefits.It has thoughtful touches in abundance.Just double tap on the space bar & it will automatically add the period to the previous sentence.

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Gboard best keyboard for the smartphone helps you to delete any word just by tapping.Just swipe the same key to a little left to remove a whole word.And then swipe it a little more and BOOM, you deleted a whole word.Magical!! Right?

Yes, there are other keyboards with some of these features, but you get everything in just one keyboard and for free.Isn’t that beneficial?

Do you want any more reasons that Gboard best keyboard for smartphones?
I don’t think so.

Install Gboard and ditch your old keyboards and enjoy its fantastic features.

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