Ferrari’s Introducing A Dream Ferrari electric car?

Introducing Ferrari Electric Car.

2018 has been a very happening year, especially for the luxury automobile billion dollar companies. With the recent news of Elon Musk announcing the TESLA, the lead on the electric-vehicle markets. The other large vehicle firms are not lagging behind on already working on projects of building designs working to be pertinent in the electric-car fever.

CEO of the Italian race-car brand Ferrari, Mr. Sergio Marchionne broke the news to the report-session during the North American International Auto Show that was conducted in Detroit Ferrari SUV.

The talk with the CEO made remarks that promise the world a first-class Supercar. Ferrari’s professionals have been working on this project of developing a battery powered-electric supercar ” Ferrari electric car” Ferrari SUV. Ferrari is a company that has been the dominant player in the luxury Ferrari electric car industry for years says that the future of Ferrari will include Hybrid cars, so working to build an electric car is not the hardest thing to do in the world.

The Italian race car brands move towards electrification signals a shift not just for the company, but for Marchionne, confirmed plans to bring a Ferrari SUV to market by late 2019 or 2020.

There are barely more practical details on this impending Ferrari electric car dream. But the world is hoping the luxury sports-car company will very likely work to the production of this electric supercar before TESLA launches the venture, its new and improved Roadster to market in 2020,(the first announced electric-car which has been in the news for a while).

Ferrari Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne told the reporters during the American Auto Show,”If there is ever a time when an electric supercar is to be built and be on-road then Ferrari will be the lead and would be the first one to do so.” He also added by saying “People are amazed at what Tesla is doing with a supercar; I’m not trying to minimize what they did, but in my opinion, it’s doable by all of us.

” According to him, building an electric car is not the most complicated thing to do in the auto industry but being successful in creating a sustainable one is.

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Ferrari electric car has been a little low-key about the specifications and another detail of the Ferrari electric Ferrari SUV, but we’re all hoping it will be built to a point where it is very comparable to the TESLA. But it’s a sign of the times - and Marchionne’s new tenure - that the company is investing in EVs after the former president of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo very clearly denied Ferrari would ever build an electrically powered vehicle when he was asked about it

Ferrari SUV

back in August 2011:-

“You will never see a Ferrari electric car Ferrari SUV because I don’t believe in electric cars.I don’t think they represent an important step towards pollution or the environment. But we are working very hard on the hybrid Ferrari. It should be the future, and I hope in a couple of years you can see it.

And also it was not a failed attempt as Ferrari did end up producing a limited-edition hybrid in 2014, and Marchionne promised to develop all the other advanced models of the basic mixture in some way by the year 2019.

However else the company might surely sit aside with its awaited its EV from the competition is but with that we’re also not surprised by the fact that even the fanciest luxury car companies are not lagging behind and are joining the electric revolution of supercar bandwagon.

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  1. I love that more car manufacturers are exploring electric versions to divert the world’s need for oil. I drive a hybrid but I’ve been eyeing the Tesla. I’m curious to see the new Ferrari design.

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