Gaming laptop for crazy gamers Top 5

1. BRAND VALUE – it is the primary factor that stimulates the customer in today’s era. Best suited laptop brands are ASUS and Lenovo.

2.PROCESSOR – it is the second most crucial factor. Intel 5th, 6th and 7th generation processors are best for gaming laptops. AMD processors are not frequently updated hence are not suitable for gaming laptops. CORE I5 is also not suited. CORE I7 is the best processor, but the price is higher than Intel processor.

3.GPU-graphic cards are two types – AMD and NVIDIA. AMD R5M430, 940MX or 930 MX are high-frequency graphics cards. NVIDIA 940 MX and 940 M provide good performance of graphics.

4.RAM – read access memory is another factor. Min 8GB RAM required for gaming. DDR3 is average RAM. DDR4 is of higher frequency and provides excellent performance in games. DDR5 is rarely found in low budget laptops as it is the faster technology.
2gb DDR5= 4gb DDR3, they both are equal.

5.DISPLAY – display screen is the essential element as it is the medium between user and software.. 15-inch screen is the minimum display required in gaming laptops. It should be full HD and should have anti-glare planned as continuous gaming may harm your eyes. IPS display screens are of the best quality available in the market.

6.SOUND – the sound is another factor as all the games have sound effects that attract more players. A good sound system in laptops is thus essential.

7. KEYBOARD – keyboards used in gaming. Dell and Lenovo provide best manuals used in the long term. Mechanical keyboards are the best.

8.HARD DISK – 7200RPM are min hard disk that is fast… They are the hybrid storage.. 1 TB storage is the best suited for gaming laptops.

9.TRACKPAD – it is not very important but if used should be sensitive.

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