Penetration Testing Tools

40 Powerful Penetration Testing Tools for Penetration Testers

What is Penetration Testing? What is Penetration Testing Tools? There is a significant amount of confusion regarding "vulnerability examining" and "penetration testing"/"penetration testers." Both these...
hacking os

Top 10 operating system for Hackers

Hacking OS What operating system do hackers use? Ethical hacking and penetration testing have always been in huge demand in the tech/cyber world. But have you...
block robocalls verizon

How to Stop Annoying Robocalls on Your Phone?

HOW TO STOP ANNOYING ROBOCALLS Do you remember that time when you purchased your first phone, put a sim card and after the sim card...
banned android apps

14 Banned Android Apps 2018, Delete Right Now.

14 Banned Android Apps There is an estimate of over a billion who uses android devices around the globe. In which, google play store is...
strange apps

Apps You Need to Delete From Your Device Right Now.

As the technology is making its way into the human world, it's getting harder for us to survive without the help of technologies. I...
paytm insurance

Paytm Looks For Paytm Insurance License For Growth.

Paytm looks for paytm insurance license for growth. When it comes to recharging, payments, transactions, booking tickets of any sorts the first thing that comes...
secure browser

Most Secure Browser Of All Time.

MOST SECURE BROWSER Browsing internet is becoming more of a complex and more aggressive venomous code keeps surfacing. Users have to be aware of threats coming...
is Snapchat Safe For Kids

Question is Snapchat Safe For Kids?

"Snap me" is a new trend going on nowadays. is is snapchat safe for kids People around the globe have a new social media...
stranger chat app

Stranger Chat app That You Have To Delete Right Now.

stranger chat app Our parents have always been reminding us since we were little to never talk to a stranger out in the streets, but...
google buys htc

Google Buys HTC Hardware Business? HTC in Google

Google Buys HTC Google has made a massive purchase regarding the smartphone company HTC Corporation's engineering and design teams for $1.1 billion, that involves a...

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