Apple is Planning To Launch 3 Macs This Year.

Apple MacBook Pro

MacBook is a brand of computers of Apple laptops.

Apple MacBook came in May 2006 to February of 2012 and then relaunched in 2015. Apple MacBook replaced the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook series as a part of the Apple-Intel transformation. Apple India official webpage

MacBook is popular among consumers and their first choice when it comes to purchasing a computer.In 2008, Apple Mac was the best selling laptop in the US retails stores.At present, Apple Mac is the top-selling line of laptops.

  • Apple Mac was discontinued in mid-2011 due to the rapid sale of MacBook Air as it’s starting price was lower.
  • Apple MacBook line was relaunched in mid-2015 which is available in silver, gold and space grey.
  • Apple MacBook Pro is razor thin, feather light and faster than any other laptop available in the market.
  • Apple MacBook Pro is the most colorful notebook display.
  • Apple MacBook Pro has features like the Touch Bar which is enabled strip of glass build in the keyboard for instant access.

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Apple MacBook Pro has up to 4.1GHz turbo boost,500-nit retina display and up to 10hours of battery life(I mean, what else you want.?).Apple MacBook Pro has speakers that speak for itself; it means you don’t need a fancy sound system to enjoy your favorite music.

  • Apple MacBook price depends on the size, graphics memory, memory type, and other features.
  • Apple MacBook Pro price in India is about Rs 1,54,900 in a 15-inch display.

Apple MacBook Pro in India is not that popular as it is in other countries like the USA, the UK, ETC.
Apple updates Apple Mac every year, but it does not mean that it’s updated feature are going to be amazing. According to the sources, Apple is going to release new Apple MacBook Pro, and it will not have any major new features, it will most likely upgrade Apple MacBook pro’s processing power.

Customers have to say goodbye to the Apple Mac Air series as it is going to launch an Apple MacBook Pro with 13-inch entry level.

According to the sources, Apple is planning to launch three upgraded Apple Mac including two laptops and a desktop, which will arrange a custom co-processor.

People formed theories that Apple is planning to create custom chips which are capable of powering MacBook.Well, that’s not going to happen this year.

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Apple Mac has used Intel chips so far in its previous devices, so its custom-made chips is a big step.
After the first visit of Apple CEO Tim Cook, it was clear that Apple is going to expand its market in India.Apple in India ain’t that famous because of its high price, but we Hope for the best in the future.

Apple is also looking to engage Apple in India with our government to Get approval for import of certified pre-used iPhones to make Apple in India more reasonable.

“We wish that Apple MacBook Pro is going to be successful in this year”

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