What Is Amazon Prime? The Cost and Benefits?

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime in India The Cost and Benefits?

Everybody knows or have heard about Netflix.It’s an entertainment company which shows the various movie and TV shows.It is very popular amongst youth; anyone can have access to it by paying yearly or monthly subscription fee.

But from mid-2017 we hear about amazon prime, but only a few of us know what Amazon Prime is.

Amazon Prime is Netflix’s competitor, which was introduced by a well-known company “Amazon” in 2005.At that time, it offered free membership for two days in the United States on eligible purchase for an annual fee of 79$ and discounted one-day shipping rates.

Since 2005, it has been launched in many countries.
In Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, India and the United States, Amazon Prime membership also provides Amazon Video and streams selected TV shows and Movies at no additional cost.Prime Members have access to the Kindle Library, which means users can borrow certain popular Kindle e-books for free reading on Kindle, up to one book a month, with no due date.

In 2014, it changed it’s annual subscription fee from 79$ to 99$ for Amazon Prime.

In the following year, Amazon Prime announced Prime Music(which is now a competitor of Spotify and Google Play Music), which provides its members access to the ad-free subscription to millions of songs.

Until December 2015, Amazon Prime had “tens of millions” of subscribers, which was a huge achievement for it, in January 2016 nearly half of all U.S. households were members of Amazon Prime.Currently, it has eighty million users and 6.4 billion revenue.

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In September 2016, Amazon launched the restaurant delivery only for Prime members in London. Amazon announced delivery fee on all orders is free for Prime members with a minimum order of £15.In December 2016, Amazon announced prime membership for a monthly fee, at $10.99 per month instead of its yearly subscription.

They increased the price to $12.99 per month in February 2018.

In June 2017, Amazon introduced Prime Wardrobe, a service that lets customers try on clothes before they pay which is quite exciting and beneficial too. In the following year, Amazon launched the Prime Exclusive Phone program, which offers selected smartphones from companies such as LG, Motorola, and Nokia at a discount if the user will allow Amazon to display ads on the lock screen.It looks like if you’re a prime member, you’ll get many offers.Other than Amazon Video, it streams music, reading, pantry, etc.

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Prime Music offers millions of songs to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost.A prime member can enjoy streaming and can download music for free. Prime has over 2 million songs available for download without advertisements. It provides a larger music library if you are not satisfied with Prime Music which is Amazon Music Unlimited and has over 10 million songs for $7.99 and $9.99 for non-Prime members.


In April 2014, Amazon announced a service for shipping non-perishable grocery store items into a single box for delivery for a reasonable fee.But the service is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Italy, Spain, and France.If you are a Prime member, then purchase household goods and get them delivered super-fast which is quite trending right now.

Amazon Prime launched in India in 2016, amazon prime in India and since then people love it here.They are choosing its shows over other TV shows which you can only watch at a fixed time and if you didn’t watch it at that time, then sorry you missed your favorite show, but on Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about that.You can watch your favorite shows, movies anytime and anywhere.

Amazon Prime in India is available at Rs 999 per year, and you can only pay through your debit or credit card(sorry guys, no cash here).

And Now Most Asked Question:-

How many free deliveries do prime members get?

Amazon provides free One-Day and Two-Day on eligible items for Prime users. Products that aren’t available for One-Day or Two-Day delivery to the member’s location will be sent free with no minimum purchase value by Amazon and who does not love anything which is free.

However, One-day and Two-day delivery are not free for non-prime users. Users have to pay a certain amount as a delivery charge for Standard delivery on some products.

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In some cases, non-Prime members are required to pay a minimum order for free home-delivery, which is not the case with Prime users.

Netflix subscription starts at Rs 500, and minimum subscription charges on hotstar in India is Rs 199. Just like Netflix, amazon prime in India Video has original content.

It has shows like The Man in the High Castle, Mozart in the Jungle, Bosch, Red Oaks and others.

Members of Amazon Prime in India are increasing rapidly and being the second most populated country in the world; it’s launching in India is going to be profitable for Amazon.

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  1. We’ve been using Amazon Prime for years. It’s amazing how fast they deliver! Movies, music, books, and free/fast shipping makes the annual fee worth it. I’m glad to hear you’ll have this benefit now too!

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