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What is Penetration Testing? What is Penetration Testing Tools?

There is a significant amount of confusion regarding “vulnerability examining” and “penetration testing”/”penetration testers.” Both these terms often exchanged. But, their meaning and involvement are entirely different. A vulnerability testing tools also know known as vulnerability assessment, helps in identifying and reporting of the vulnerabilities. A penetration testing tools strive to exploit the weaknesses to discover whether any unauthorized access or malicious activities are possible. Penetration testing tools are used as a part of pen test to perform specific tasks, detects issues that are difficult to find using the manual evaluation techniques alone. Whereas a vulnerability testing tools identifies, defines and classifies the security vulnerabilities in a server or web application. The last stage of evaluation in the vulnerability testing tools sometimes conducted by ‘white hat hackers’ using ethical hacking skills.

Who is penetration testers?

Penetration testers are those who are specialized in penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in the web application or network so that the attacker couldn’t exploit.

Penetration testing for security?

Seeing the security risk growing at a fast rate it’s important to do a penetration testing for security. With the help of pen testing, one can find out about the security holes location. These penetration testing should run by a third party as it often happens sometimes that some security flaws can only see with fresh eyes.

Here is the list of 40 penetration testing tools and vulnerabilities testing tools that are used and can only use for useful purposes. These tools can just use by the white hat hackers, and all of them used for preventing exploitation of the web application and networks. Also Read:- Most Secure Browser Of All Time.

40 powerful Penetration Testing Tools:

1:- Wireshark

Formerly known as Ethereal, WireShark is one of a vulnerability testing tools. It catches the data in no time and displays the reports in human-readable form. It is mostly a network packet examiner that provides the little details about your network decryption, protocols, packet information and much more. This penetrating Testing Tools can be used on Windows, OS X, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD and other systems as well. The features include in Wireshark are that it can catch live data from the internet, ATM, Blue-Tooth, PPP/HDLC, USB, etc. and scrutinise offline. It also captures files that are compressed with gzip and can decompress on the go.

The output can also be transport from PostScript, XML, CSV or Plain text. You can also apply colouring rules to the packets for intuitive analysis. Also, you can write/read many different file formats that are captured.

2:- Netsparker

penetration testers

The easy to us penetration testing tools; Netsparker helps in finding SQL injection, XSS and other weaknesses through its security scanner, in your web services and web applications. This ‘penetration testers’ available as SAAS solution and on-premises. The features of NetSparker include 100% accurate vulnerability detection. It also comes with unique proof-reading based technology. It only requires minimal configuration. This penetration testing tools scans thoroughly and detects custom 404 error pages & URL rewrite rules. The most amazing feature about this penetration testers is that it can scan 1000 web applicants in only24 hours.

3:- Owasp

penetration testers

Owasp is “Open Web Application Security Project”. This penetration testing tools focus on improving the security of the software. Owasp has many tools to pen test various software protocols and environment.


penetration testers

W3af is a web application audit and attack structure that includes three types of plugins; discovery, audit and attack that communicates with each other to find any vulnerabilities in site. For instance, a discovery plug-in in this penetrating testing tools looks for different URL’s to examine vulnerabilities and forward it to the “audit” plug-in to search for weaknesses by using these URLs. w3af features incudes- HTTP response cache, DNS cache, Proxy support, Cooking handling, User-agent handling, File uploading using multipart and Add custom headers to request.

5:- Metaspoilt

penetration testers

This penetrating testing tools is the most advanced and the most popular framework. It is an “open source tool.”Based on the concept of the exploit, meaning- you will enter a specific system by entering a code that violates the security measures. After that, it will run a “payload” code that starts working on its operations on a prey machine. It is one of the great penetrating testing tools that help in preventing the attacks. Features include in MetaSpoilt are- Basic command line interface, Third party import, manual brute forcing, and manual brute forcing.

This penetrating testing tools work best on Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows.

6:- Kali

penetration testing tools open source

Based on Linux, this penetrating testing tools enable you to generate a backup and recovery programme that fits your demand. It encourages an easy and quick way to find the most extensive collections of security tools and update itself on a daily basis. It would prove to be a beneficial tool for those who have an expertise in IP/TCP protocol and networking.

The features of kali contains- Addition of 64 bit support allows brute force password cracking, BackTrack comes with pre-loaded tools for LAN and WLAN sniffing, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, and digital forensics, Backtrack integrates with some best tools like Metaspoilt and Wireshark, Besides network tool, it also includes pidgin, xmms, Mozilla, k3b, and Backtrack support KDE and Gnome.

7:- Samurai framework

vulnerability testing tools

The samurai framework is a Penetration Testing Tools. These penetration testers supported on VirtualBox & VMware. These two are pre-configured to operate as a web penetration testing environment. Samurai framework features include- It is an open source free to use tool, it comprises the best of the open source and free tools focusing only on testing and attacking site, it also comes with a pre-configured wiki to set up the central information repository during the pen-test.

8:- Aircrack

Penetration Testing Tools

Aircrack is a handy tool which is required while doing a wireless pen testing.It solves the weak wireless connections. Powered by WPA WPA 2 and WEP encryption keys, this penetration testers features-

  • More cards/drivers supported,
  • Support all types of OS and platforms
  • New WEP attack: PTW
  • Support for WEP dictionary attack
  • Support for Fragmentation attack
  • Improved tracking speed.

9:- Zap

Penetration Testing Tools

Zap is one of the most famous open-source security Penetration Testing Tools. 100s of international volunteers preserve it. With the help of this penetrating testing tools, one can find security vulnerabilities while testing and developing a website application. Zap comes with features like-

  • Identifying the security errors present in the web apps by replicating a real attack.
  • Crawling helps to build the hierarchical pattern for the website
  • It supports 11 international languages
  • Provide invalid or useless data to crash or to exhibit unexpected results
  • It is also helpful in finding the open ports on the victim website.

10:- Sqlmap

Penetration Testing Tools

It is too an open source pen testing tool that automates the entire procedure of exploiting and detecting SQL injection faults. It is ideal an ideal penetration testing tools. The features include-

  • Supports for SQL injection process
  • Support to establish many users, privileges, roles, databases, tables, password hashes and columns.
  • Passwords can be recognised automatically given in a hash format and also helps in cracking them.
  • Allows performing arbitrary commands and recovering their standard output on the data server.
  • Support to discard the database tables wholly or specific columns.

11:- Sqlninja

vulnerability testing tools

The Sqlninja focuses on to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities on a web app. It provides remote access to the weak DBL server even in a vicious environment. Microsoft SQL server used as a backend by this pen testing tool. The features include fingerprinting of the remote SQL, permit integration with metaSpoilt to collect graphical access to the remote database server. Also, reverse and direct Bindshell both for UDP and TCP and much more.

12:- BeEF

vulnerability testing tools

BeEF is a browser exploitation framework where it only focuses on the web browser. This penetration tester uses GitHub to detect any issues and host its git store. It allows the client-side attack vectors to check the security position. It also allows attaching with multiple browsers.

13:- Dradis

vulnerability testing tools

An open source framework, Dradis helps to maintain the information shared amongst the penetration testers. After the data is collected, it is time to figure out what needs to be done or what has been done so far. It works on Linux, OS X and Windows and it comes with a GUI interface.

14:- Nmap

vulnerability testing tools

Nmap was known as “network mapper” is not a pen testing tools but it is a must-have tool for every ethical hacker. This tool mainly helps in comprehending the characteristics of any targeted network. The features include OS, packet filters, host, services etc.

15:- The social engineer toolkit

vulnerability testing tools

The open source tool is made specifically and only for the ‘white hat hackers.’ It is different than the other devices regarding the attacks are aimed at the human element and not on the system elements. One of its features lets you send java applets, emails that contain the attack code. It also works on OS x, Linux and windows.

16:- Canvas

vulnerability testing tools

The testers broadly use the canvas pen testing tool. It holds more than 400 tools and numerous payload options. It also has a GUI interface and command line. This web-application penetration testing tools work with Linux, Windows and OS X.

17:- Hping

vulnerability testing tools

Hping is a Penetrating Testing Tools for packet analysing. It allows network testing using different protocols, firewall testing, TOS, fragmentation. It also comes with remote OS fingerprinting and uptime guessing, manual path MTU discovery, IP/TCP stacks inspection.

18:- Retina

vulnerability testing tools

Unlike other web pen testing tools, retina aims at the whole environment at a specific company or firm. It is a kind of vulnerability testing tools than a penetration testing tool. It works on own scheduled evaluation and presenting results.

19:- Scapy

vulnerability testing tools

Scapy is an interactive and a powerful penetration testing tool which can handle various tasks like, scanning, attacks and probing on the network. It performs some particular functions like injecting 802.11 frames, sending invalid framework. It allows the users to create the packets exactly how they want.

20:- Security Onion

vulnerability testing tools

It is useful for detecting intrusion and network security monitoring. It is a network based and host based trespassing detection system. It also has a built-in system to remove old data prior storage device fill to its potential.

21:- Rapid 7

Nexpose rapid 7 is another vulnerability testing tools that detects exposure in no time and adjusts to new threats with new data which aids users to work at the moment of action. This tool knows where to focus and bring innovative solutions to help its users to get their work done.

22:- Acunetix

Acuntex is a web vulnerability scanner targeted mainly at web applications. It allows cross-site scripting testing, SQL injection along with detecting various vulnerabilities. However, this is amongst the pricey tools. A limited free trial version can download from its official site. Also Read:- Why My website Suspended? How To Fix?

23:- John the ripper

As the name suggests, it rips the password just like Jack did with his victims. Though it is primarily for UNIX systems, it can work in almost every environment. This penetration testers tool too comes in a free and paid version which you can obtain by visiting its official website.

24:- Arachni

Arachnid is an open source framework based tool for penetration testers for analysing the security of web application. This tool can easily be integrated with browser environment and offer well structured detailed reports.

25:- Websecurify

Websecurify is an easy to use tool which offers an amalgamation of manual and autonomic vulnerability testing tools. It features excellent testing & scanning technology, multiple add-ons, and reliable testing engine to identify URLs. It is available on all primary desktop and mobile programme is safe?.

26:- Vega

It is another web pen testing and security tool that helps the penetration testers to detect the vulnerabilities. It automatically logs into the website when provided with user credentials. The Vega module detections have written in JavaScript.

27:- Kismet

Kismet is an intrusion detecting system and a wireless network detector. Though it works with wi-fi networks, when connected via plug-ins it can be expanded. It allows standard PCAP logging, uses plug-in architecture to develop its fundamental features. It distributes remote sniffing through light-weight remote capture. It also features an XML output for combination with other tools. Also Read:-

28:- Kali Linux

Advanced by offensive security, Kali Linux is an open source penetration testing tool. It features live USB with numerous persistence repositories, disk encryption on Raspberry Pi 2, etc. It comes with 600+ tools already preinstalled.

29:- Parrot security

It is maintained by Frozenbox team. It helps the users to keep their identities anonymous and private with crypto and anonymity tools. It comes with already installed and useful updated libraries and offers worldwide mirror servers. This tool consists of a whole collection of security-related tools to perform pen testing, security analyses, etc.

30:- Nessus

It is one of the most vigorous vulnerability testing tools that need to watch out for. It specialises in sensitive data searches, web scanning, IPs scanning, etc. it works best with almost all the environments and helps in finding that vulnerable spot.

31:- OpenSSL

openSSL licensed under Apache-style license. It features toolkits for the TLS and SSL protocols. The toolkit includes tools for generating RSA private keys and verifying CSR file. It also removes passphrases from key completely and create a new private key and permits certificate signing request.

32:- Snort

Snort is a penetration testers tool that offers the advantages of signature protocol & anomaly based viewing methods. This tool helps users to get the maximum level of protection from any malware attacks. It protects your workspace from appearing attacks quickly, tests SSL certificate of a specific URL. It can also check if a code mainly, is accepted on URL.

33:- Backbox

Backbox aims mainly on security audit and pen testing. It comes with multiple security evaluation tools that used in web analysis, network analysis etc. it is favourite amongst the pen testers as it provides the inclusive desktop environment. It delivers faster, gives customizable experience and is useful. You don’t have to write any commands as it comes with pre-configured commands. This penetration testers secures access to devices.

34:- CORE impact

Core impact used for mobile device penetration testing; network devise penetration, password cracking and identification, etc. It is also one of the costliest Penetration Testing Tools.

35:- Zenmap

Zenmap is an easy penetration testers tool for the beginners to use. It is also the official Nmap security scanner software. Though it’s easy to use it also comes with advanced features for the expert testers. It provides interactive and graphical results viewing, briefly states the details about a single host or complete scan in a suitable display. It also shows the difference between 2 scans.

These are some vulnerability testing tools

36:- Nikto

Nikto is a great vulnerability testing tools used for evaluating issues and vulnerabilities. It is used for verifying the server versions whether it’s outdated. It performs various tests on web servers with the purpose to scan different items like malicious files or programs. The tool allows scanning numerous ports of a specific server.

37:- OpenVAS

OpenVAS is an open source tool that serves as a central service. It provides vulnerability testing tools for both vulnerability scanning and management. It supports different OS. The scan engine updates with the network vulnerability tests. The services of the OpenVAS is free and licensed under General public license.

38:- Tripwire IP360

Advanced by tripwire Inc, tripwire IP 360 known to be a leading vulnerability testing tools. It is used by different agencies to manage security risks. It uses the networks widely to detect all the vulnerabilities, application, configuration, network hosts etc.

39:- Safe3 scanner

This tool is one of the most potent vulnerability testing tools. It features web spider crawling technology and web portals. It is one of the fastest tools to identify issues like upload vulnerability, SQL injection, and much more. It supports basic, digest and HTTP authentication. Its intelligent web spider removes unwanted/repeated web pages automatically. It also scans SQL injection, upload vulnerability, directory list vulnerability and admin path.

40:- Microsoft baseline security analyzer

This vulnerability testing tools is a free Microsoft tool suitable for securing windows computers. Though, it used by both medium and small sized organizations for controlling the security of networks. After scanning, it will come up with few solutions related to fixing the vulnerabilities.

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If we have missed any best assessments tools, do mention their names in the comment sections below.


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